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My 5 Day Lookbook for #SAFashionWeekSS17

I should say, SA Fashion Week was fun this time around :) I wasn't alone, my friends came and they turned it into something memorable for me. I was going through the most during the week so they managed to cheer me up, and how better to cheer a person up than to play dress up for 5 days! Well Some days I just wore clothes for the sake of it, but I do have some favourites from the 5 looks I wore. 
I am so often met with bad luck when it comes to fashion week - if you keep up with my posts you'll understand why I say this - however, this time around bad luck turned into humour and I kinda felt great about the whole event in general.  DAY 1All the fashion bloggers and influencers pulled through on day 1, it was quite interesting seeing beautiful strangers I follow on Instagram lol. I took pics of some of them. The shows on Day 1 were packed so I couldn't find a proper seat, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.
Left & Right Images by Rea (@unklebats IG) Edit by Me
 Image by Ify…