Fashion Week Knavery (because knavery is a funky word)

Bad luck seems to befall me when Fashion Week time arrives. SOoo last year I attended my first fashion week ever, (not because I have a sudden interest in fashion, but because it's actually the first time I could transport myself there lol) it was the MBFW in Nelson Mandela Square, then I also attended SA Fashion Week at Hyde Park Corner. I attended the MBFW first, the experience was fun, I bought a ticket, dressed up for it (casual) and looked good (decent). Nicola and Paloma, my friends, came along and it was fun. I think what was fun for me was meeting fashion bloggers that I've been following for years. I only bought one ticket because I live on a student budget bleh... little did I know that you could watch shows for free if you stand in the line, well, after everyone's who's bought a  ticket has been seated. Honestly, I didn't like any of the collections I saw that night. When it was time to go home I felt a bit of anxiety because Nicola and I got lost, getting out of Sandton and going to my place. The worst part of this whole experience was the process of getting a ticket. I walked a good 2km to get to Pick 'n Pay so that I could make payment for my ticket, on the road the rain started pouring heavily. I was soaking wet by the time I got back home, all because of a ticket, the worst part is that this ticket was not a front row ticket, I sat at the back with people who got in for free. R150,00 down the drain. I enjoyed experiencing the MBFW nonetheless.

The outfit I wore last year at MBFW.
Pleather Jacket: Mr. Price
White Shirt: Mr. Price
Fawn Pants: Hilton Weiner
Brown Crop Top: The Fix
Sneakers: Nike Haurache
Pastel Pink Socks With Lace: Cotton On

Nicola on the left and Paloma on the right on their phones.

Nicola :) 
SA Fashion Week had a different vibe, people were dressed more formal and it felt more organised. I didn't bother buying tickets because of the MBFW experience lol, however, my friend Palesa and her friends came and made the evening fun. I went for two nights only, so the first night I was alone and the second one Palesa came through. On the first night I was exhausted from school and I had agreed to meet with a fashion blogger. Guyssss I was dressed like craaaapp lol, old sneakers, an oversized denim trucker, a knit jersey and leggings. Wow I felt embarrassed at my fashion choice and upon greeting another celebrity fashion blogger, my phone falls and the screen cracks into a million pieces.. I wrote about this in this blog post HERE. I had to ask someone to help me get home because I couldn't call an Uber, my phone was messed up. I enjoyed my night with Palesa and her friends though, it was fun watching all the shows and eating complementary chocolate by Aero.

This is me on the second night when Palesa came along.

Palesa on the right, Ntando Duma (Actress) on the left.

Palesa and I at the Aero photo booth after eating their free chocolate lol. I must say, I was a mess that week , but also I don't care haha.
MBFW happened in Cape Town this year so I am attending SA Fashion Week which begins on the 28th March - 1st April 2017. I hope I don't have tragic stories to tell anymore lol, I will share my outfits for each day and document how it goes (crossing fingers). I am actually excited this year because a designer I am featuring in my magazine is showcasing his collection!! His name is Aya Velase, I'm actually a fan of his work, you'll see it on the first issue of Azania Mag :)