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Fashion Week Knavery (because knavery is a funky word)

Bad luck seems to befall me when Fashion Week time arrives. SOoo last year I attended my first fashion week ever, (not because I have a sudden interest in fashion, but because it's actually the first time I could transport myself there lol) it was the MBFW in Nelson Mandela Square, then I also attended SA Fashion Week at Hyde Park Corner. I attended the MBFW first, the experience was fun, I bought a ticket, dressed up for it (casual) and looked good (decent). Nicola and Paloma, my friends, came along and it was fun. I think what was fun for me was meeting fashion bloggers that I've been following for years. I only bought one ticket because I live on a student budget bleh... little did I know that you could watch shows for free if you stand in the line, well, after everyone's who's bought a  ticket has been seated. Honestly, I didn't like any of the collections I saw that night. When it was time to go home I felt a bit of anxiety because Nicola and I got lost, gett…

My Body Prepares for Life

Last month I collaborated with Mzansimoodboard (founded by Palesa Kgasane) by submitting a series of my images that address the paradoxical nature of menstruation, beauty and pain, life and death. Do check out my feature:

Here's a short poem I wrote:

Every month my body prepares for life. It moves as light in the darkness. I am the moon.  My womb is a measurement of time. I pulsate with the ocean. High tide parallels ovulation.
The beauty of the cycle. My insides ripping apart to create space for new life. A seed waiting to be fertilised. This is hope. A seed dying for another to be created. This is sacrifice. My body prepares for life.