Self Confidence Challenge: Day 11-20

Day 11 - 20 
Hey guys, HAAAAPPPPYYY NNEEEWWWW YYYEEEAAARRR!!! I am so happy to be posting again!! I didn't post the last half of my 20 Day Challenge last year November, however, I have decided to post it now. Why now? I mean it's a new year and all so why would I put it off for so long? Well, this is because this challenge for me was more than just ootd or making great fashion choices. I gave myself December to truly evaluate what I want in my life and who I am meant to be. While I was doing the challenge I was dealing with a lot of internal conflicts and anxiety about my future, basically I was stressed and this challenge gave me hope that I will figure it out and eventually find the answers. Since the challenge, I won't say that things are sunny, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned valuable life lessons such as valuing my mental and physical health, and that I should get rid of or do away with anything or anyone who will bring the wrong energy in my life. Most of all I have learned that putting yourself first in critical life situations is important, well I don't know how best to describe it, but being selfish in a constructive way gave me peace rather than always sacrificing my happiness for people who don't necessarily acknowledge the sacrifice. 

I think I have said a mouthful, but in this new year I sincerely wish that we find more ways to be true to ourselves without fearing public opinion. I wish we find the strength to conquer our inner demons, and I pray that the truth sets us free. When you are true to yourself - i.e. acknowledging that you are a beautiful mess, you are chaotic harmony - it becomes easier to accept yourself and thus easier to become whoever you want to become, in essence, you are liberating yourself which in turn liberates those around you. May the truth you choose to mold you be rooted in love. Have a great year no matter what difficulties come along, Godspeed to you and yours.
A. F.

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Day 20 means the most to me because this is the garment I made for the fashion show at school. The fact that I could create something and see it on the runway made me feel warm, I realised that there is joy in pursuing my dreams. 

Model: Mpho