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Self Confidence Challenge: Day 11-20

Day 11 - 20  Hey guys, HAAAAPPPPYYY NNEEEWWWW YYYEEEAAARRR!!! I am so happy to be posting again!! I didn't post the last half of my 20 Day Challenge last year November, however, I have decided to post it now. Why now? I mean it's a new year and all so why would I put it off for so long? Well, this is because this challenge for me was more than just ootd or making great fashion choices. I gave myself December to truly evaluate what I want in my life and who I am meant to be. While I was doing the challenge I was dealing with a lot of internal conflicts and anxiety about my future, basically I was stressed and this challenge gave me hope that I will figure it out and eventually find the answers. Since the challenge, I won't say that things are sunny, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned valuable life lessons such as valuing my mental and physical health, and that I should get rid of or do away with anything or anyone who will bring the wrong energy in my li…