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Japanese conceptual design: Unconvention is lowkey the new convention.

Wassup mer peeps, I awfully miss blogging. I've been itching to write this blog post, so here goes...

Recently, I have been brutally (for the lack of a better word) inspired by postmodern Japanese conceptual design (fashion design) - to be more specific, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto have caged my heart lol. Just like any fan I've been reading their interviews and watching videos of their collections through the years, and I have discovered that they have influenced modern fashion in a very dramatic way. Yamamoto and Kawakubo grew up in post-war Japan. With war comes destruction and poverty, it can be said that these years of suffering have influenced the sombre tones of their work. Whilst Yamamoto's designs are more focused on monochromatic palettes, Kawakubo's designs are more focused on the rejection and abstraction of the traditional female body. She alters the silhouette of the female body through design and this can be seen as subversiveness to Western beauty st…

My 5 Day Lookbook for #SAFashionWeekSS17

I should say, SA Fashion Week was fun this time around :) I wasn't alone, my friends came and they turned it into something memorable for me. I was going through the most during the week so they managed to cheer me up, and how better to cheer a person up than to play dress up for 5 days! Well Some days I just wore clothes for the sake of it, but I do have some favourites from the 5 looks I wore. 
I am so often met with bad luck when it comes to fashion week - if you keep up with my posts you'll understand why I say this - however, this time around bad luck turned into humour and I kinda felt great about the whole event in general.  DAY 1All the fashion bloggers and influencers pulled through on day 1, it was quite interesting seeing beautiful strangers I follow on Instagram lol. I took pics of some of them. The shows on Day 1 were packed so I couldn't find a proper seat, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.
Left & Right Images by Rea (@unklebats IG) Edit by Me
 Image by Ify…

Fashion Week Knavery (because knavery is a funky word)

Bad luck seems to befall me when Fashion Week time arrives. SOoo last year I attended my first fashion week ever, (not because I have a sudden interest in fashion, but because it's actually the first time I could transport myself there lol) it was the MBFW in Nelson Mandela Square, then I also attended SA Fashion Week at Hyde Park Corner. I attended the MBFW first, the experience was fun, I bought a ticket, dressed up for it (casual) and looked good (decent). Nicola and Paloma, my friends, came along and it was fun. I think what was fun for me was meeting fashion bloggers that I've been following for years. I only bought one ticket because I live on a student budget bleh... little did I know that you could watch shows for free if you stand in the line, well, after everyone's who's bought a  ticket has been seated. Honestly, I didn't like any of the collections I saw that night. When it was time to go home I felt a bit of anxiety because Nicola and I got lost, gett…

My Body Prepares for Life

Last month I collaborated with Mzansimoodboard (founded by Palesa Kgasane) by submitting a series of my images that address the paradoxical nature of menstruation, beauty and pain, life and death. Do check out my feature:

Here's a short poem I wrote:

Every month my body prepares for life. It moves as light in the darkness. I am the moon.  My womb is a measurement of time. I pulsate with the ocean. High tide parallels ovulation.
The beauty of the cycle. My insides ripping apart to create space for new life. A seed waiting to be fertilised. This is hope. A seed dying for another to be created. This is sacrifice. My body prepares for life.

Self Confidence Challenge: Day 11-20

Day 11 - 20  Hey guys, HAAAAPPPPYYY NNEEEWWWW YYYEEEAAARRR!!! I am so happy to be posting again!! I didn't post the last half of my 20 Day Challenge last year November, however, I have decided to post it now. Why now? I mean it's a new year and all so why would I put it off for so long? Well, this is because this challenge for me was more than just ootd or making great fashion choices. I gave myself December to truly evaluate what I want in my life and who I am meant to be. While I was doing the challenge I was dealing with a lot of internal conflicts and anxiety about my future, basically I was stressed and this challenge gave me hope that I will figure it out and eventually find the answers. Since the challenge, I won't say that things are sunny, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned valuable life lessons such as valuing my mental and physical health, and that I should get rid of or do away with anything or anyone who will bring the wrong energy in my li…