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South African Kasi Chicks - A Dying Breed

With a growing number of the middle class in South Africa, the youth culture is also changing. Millennial South Africa is different... and by this I mean that the fashion and music that young people listen to has changed a lot. The average girl in Braamfontein (including myself lol) wears a parka jacket, flower crown, chocker, high waist skinny jeans, white t-shirt and Adidas Stan Smith kicks (Braam starter-pack). I really love the look personally, the whole minimal vibe, it's refreshing. However, what's happening is that you literally get shamed on Twitter or judged when you look a certain way, a "kasi" or "ghetto" way, and this is what gets to me. I have an appreciation for South African youth culture and where it comes from. Before the Stan Smiths and the parkas, a different look made waves and this look was pioneered by people such as Brenda Fassie, Lebo Mathosa, Thembi Seete
and more.

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Image Reference

 These women were the real bad-bads …