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A Diamond Sparkles, a Flower Blossoms

My skin, my belly, my love-handles, my strength I carry the weight of my insecurities on my head. These are not self-inflicted insecurities, no, they have been imposed on me. Imposed unintentionally by those who love me and those who hate me as well. It goes beyond me though, it is the burden of my people.  The constant need to explain that my skin holds secrets known only by the sun. The need to justify why my hair hides its length in coils.  It is all wearisome and at times it feels futile. Actually, I'm not insecure, I just have to act like I am to keep them happy. I'm tired of acting, I'm tired of explaining. Right now I will let you experience the truth as it is, no more talking, it will always ring in your ears when you see me, when you see us. 

We Will Rise

Yesterday was the late Frida Khalo's birthday, but also yesterday we experienced pain. Alton Sterling was killed by police and now Philando Castile was killed in front of his daughter and girlfriend for reaching to get his ID. There's a widespread celebration of blackness however they manage to kill black pride by killing black people. Maybe the only way to be safe is if we didn't exist. Why do they hate us so much? What have we done? Are they trying to desensitise black people and make us feel numb when another one of us is killed?

So I have created a photo series, it pays homage to Frida and her contribution to art but I purposefully used the colour red dominantly because I'm tired. I'm angry and my anger is justified. Here at home Oscar Pistorius who has been convicted of murder was sentenced 6 years imprisonment after 3 years of being in court. Financial and white privilege have been handed to him on a silver platter. A man called Mandla Chauke is serving 77 y…