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South Africa needs a hug.

To commemorate the youth of '76 I created portraits in which I symbolise South Africa as a young woman. She has gone through a lot and at times it feels like nothing will get better for her. South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world in terms of wealth and land distribution. I was reading statistics a few days ago and I learned that things have gotten worse since the apartheid days when it comes to the gap between the rich and poor. The quality of education has decreased and this at times makes me feel like the Soweto Uprising happened in vain. However, with all her issues South Africa remains beautiful and strong. She is a multifaceted young woman finding her way in the world, she needs guidance. She is a walking contradiction, and you see this by looking at Sandton and its next door neighbour Alexandra. 
Hope is not lost for this beautiful land, she blossoms with potential and possibility. It is up to us as the current youth to alleviate not only her physica…