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Duality: Blue Shirt / White Shirt

This week at school we were briefed to design an outfit based on the concepts of masculinity and femininity. We are supposed to design an outfit that showcases both. The interesting thing my lecturer said is that femininity and masculinity are not necessarily associated to gender, and that both men and women possess both. Some men are feminine without being homosexual and the some women are masculine while being heterosexual. This probably creates a balance in how we face everyday life, for example, holding and kissing a baby brings out your feminine side, while being brute brings out your masculine side (REMEMBER, THIS EXAMPLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER). 
Earlier this day, I went to Johannesburg to meet up with a high school acquaintance, her name is Ndumi (@ndu_mi). I've been following her on Instagram and asked to take photos of her for this particular blogpost. She is beautiful!! The kind that draws your attention, however that's not what I purposed to show her…

Gert Johan Coetzee Show (Late Post)

About a month ago I promised to post pictures of some garments from the Gert Johan Coetzee show at SA Fashion Week. I couldn't take many pics because it was so full and everything was so fast haha, but I hope you'll enjoy these few. I decided not to edit any of them, just for you to feel how fast everything was, each moment went by quickly. These models walk too fast damn! I however enjoyed the show, as it was my first time attending SA Fashion week. The South African fashion industry is interesting, but somehow concerns me (I think most designers are not in touch with youth culture) and I pray our generation will shake things up. To me Coetzee serves as an inspiration, just looking at his work ethic and dedication. I admire him because of these characteristics and over-all creativity. 
A lot of things have changed in my life this month and I am glad to say that I will be blogging more often and collaborating with a few creatives who inspire me (stay tuned!!). I will be shari…