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Open Letter to the Influencers, Followers and Myself

I took a short break from blogging, for a number of reasons. The internet has a way of affecting your self-esteem, be it positively or negatively. I follow many South African fashion/lifestyle bloggers and one thing I realise is that people are drawn to people who are living lavish lives. The food they eat looks so amazing, the clothes they wear, and the events they attend make you want to be a part of them. The sad thing about it is that many of us cannot afford that life so we keep wishing. I kind of understand why people were angry during SA Fashion Week, things have become a bit (too much) materialistic and less relatable.

Pictures sourced from Tumblr.

People are no longer following people they identify with, rather, it's the people they want to be (in terms of material possession) that they follow. Instagram became sort of like a wonderland for me, pulling me away from my daily realities, watching how influencers live and dreaming to be a part of that. Just dreaming to also …

SA Fashion Week Day 1 and the Drama

Yesterday I attended SA Fashion Week, and I must say I went through a lot of emotions. When I got there I got lost so I practically walked around the whole of Hyde Park Corner. Eventually I got to the venue with the help of people around the mall. My evening started off quite badly. When I got there I waited a bit for the show to start and greeted a few people.

I am a huge fan of South African fashion bloggers and photographers, their work matters to me because I draw inspiration from them. So, when I got there I saw Trevor Stuurman, he recognised me and greeted, I am always star struck when I see him, I was even forgot to ask to get a picture of him. After greeting him, my phone fell and the whole screen got shattered. I tried using it and it didn't work anymore, I have no phone currently, however, to my luck I have an old small mini Samsung tablet that works. I was stranded because I was using an Uber to get to Hyde Park and to go back home, and now I couldn't because my pho…