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Ultralight Screams

Here's something many don't know about me, I am an avid Kanye West fan. Call him egotistical or immature, the man is a creative genius in his own right. I have been following this man since I first discovered his album Late Registration, I was 13 years old. West had me at Heard 'em Say, I then went on to find out if he had more music and boy oh boy did I celebrate when I found out that he had The College Dropout and that he had released Graduation the previous year. At 13 the things I liked became clear and one of them was Mr. West. It was a difficult year for me, adjusting into my new boarding school and having no friends, West became a major influence. His music was my introduction to Hip Hop, before him I had no interest in Hip Hip mainly because ''you're a girl, you can't listen to that'', or ''that's evil music''.

It's really how his music made me feel that got me hooked. I loved Kanye, but I remember when he released L…

The mind is "they"!

I did a shoot with Mnsizi Miles Lutuli. He is a friend and a classmate of mine. Sitting with him during class breaks I'd ask him if he would like to quit smoking, and his answer was a resounding yes. However, he also told me about the pleasures of smoking, our conversation lead to topics like "Why are pleasurable things usually self-destructing?" and "What is he meaning of pleasure?"

Usually people with judge a person who smokes negatively. Of course smoking literally fries your lungs, however, bad lifestyle choices are as harmful as smoking. If something kills you it kills you, stigmatizing a person for smoking cigarettes while you live on fast food daily is a bit more than hypocritical. It is an act of feeding your ego by placing your bad habits above someone else's bad habits. The messed up thing is that bad habits are bad habits, a person who smokes daily versus you waking up to Burger King every morning (without having a smoking addiction) will have t…

Flashback on MBFW Johannesburg 2016

Day 1: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg 2016 This year was my first time attending fashion week!! I don't know what I've been doing all along lol. I must say, I am keen on attending the next one. I enjoyed day 1 a lot, however, I did not attend until day 3 :( because I had assignments and a bucket load of homework, anyway, I attended all the shows on day 1. I tried my best to get good pictures (the models were moving quick lol). I got to meet some of  my faves in the industry such as Lulama Wolf and Trevor Stuurman (well, I was kinda star struck actually because I look up to these two greatly). I spotted some celebrities and chilled with my girls Nicola and Paloma. I most especially enjoyed Stefania Morland's show and you'll see why. Hopefully next time I will attend the whole fashion week not just one day. 
Khosi Nkosi Fashion Week started off with Khosi Nkosi's show.

Stefania Morland A/W 2016

David Tlale: The Intern The following pictures showcase the design…