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The Woman With Blue Eyes

During the past few days, I've been looking at fauvist artists and I was greatly inspired by the works of Kees Van Dongen. His use of colour is what drew me most.

Who is the blue eyed woman? I don't know. All I know is that her eyes are exaggerated, maybe because of their beauty or seductive nature or maybe Van Dongen was just simply drawn do her.  I took the privilege to give this lady different personalities (also to make her relatable to who I am, hence the Compton cap you will see in the pictures; I love hip hop yo haha).

I had fun doing this. This is practically giving a painting a more animated vibe and personalising it. Hope you enjoy.

xoxo :)

Photo credit: Jabulani Twala

Nicola x Azania

It was a delight capturing her style. I admire her confidence.

Model: Nicola Granger
Photographer: Azania Forest

Street-Style Report :) x Elle Street-Style Reporter

What a time to be alive! We live in the "information-age", where the mass production of clothing and technology are getting faster each day. Fashion (trends) is a reflection of the times, and that couldn't be more truer than it is today. The average person wears a white t-shirt and jeans to make for the perfect #ootd, however, there is a trend sprouting locally that is not necessarily a reflection of the "mass production age", but rather a reflection of a mind-set that young people are having.
With social media trends like #blacklivesmatter, online communities have been engaging in movements  that uplift people of colour without undermining other racial groups. As a result this has lead to the Afro-Punk movement becoming a fashion trend. It is a vintage African or tribal aesthetic  with a touch of minimalism. Locally, The Social Market PTA has paved a way for this trend to grow and what's awesome is that not only people of colour are allowed to be a part o…

Kool Out x FBGO

Hey guys!! I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend. I've started with school so things are about to get hectic for me. Yesterday was really awesome, I went out for the first time in like forever. I went to two events  (because why not kill two birds with one stone) - Kool Out and For Black Girls Only #FBGO. I didn't stay for long at the FBGO event, however, it was lit!! So many beautiful African women empowering each other and having a great time. 
There have been controversies concerning the FBGO event, some view it as a racial segregation movement, when in fact it is not. Black people, more especially, black women have suffered too hard and too long and it's about time we started celebrating ourselves in a society that looks down on us. This movement is more about the reinforcement of self-love between black sisters and to remember that we are all queens. This not anti-white it is just pro-black without hate towards anyone. I enjoyed the few minutes I spent there and of co…