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Day 7 - 10 Self - Acceptance

The last few days have been super hectic!! At school I am preparing my garment for our fashion show and on my spare time I am putting the magazine together . I literally come home exhausted every night and I must say, it's difficult to not carry all the stress that comes with each day. This journey to self-acceptance has been nothing but fun. I'very received so much love from friend's and family and it has somehow helped me to cope under so much pressure this week.

A lesson I have learned this week is that when you appreciate yourself without comparing your good attributes to anyone, it becomes easier to accept other for who they are, it becomes even easier to see their beauty. Often, those who bring others down do that to fill the void of insecurity. When you are filled with love, it pours out to those around you, you begin to see beauty in their character. Sending positive energy and receiving it back is more rewarding than criticising and condescension. I hope that thi…

Day 3 to 6 #selfconfidencechallenge

It's been a hectic week I must say, but fun nonetheless. I've allowed myself to learn a lot from this challenge and from those around me. Firstly I've learned that material things mean nothing, I've always known this, but this past week I felt something more significant than just words. This is what happened, I have started a magazine right, and honestly I have no money but I've been praying silently and things have been happening. I've made some important business connections that I thought would never happen and the funny thing is that I thought these things needed money, or they needed for me to look a certain way. My self esteem has been tied to my appearance for so long that I've been shy to reach for my dreams. Although appearance counts for something, character stands the test of time. Looks fade, but your spirit and who you decide to become are long lasting.
I've learned, secondly, that love heals. In any language, when love genuinely comes fr…

20 Day Self-Confidence Challenge

Hey guys!!! Feels so good to be blogging again. I'm starting a 20 day self-confidence challenge through clothes because I love fashion. I've been feel very down for the past few months, it even got to a point where I didn't take care of myself anymore, I'd skip meals, and other days getting out of bed was impossible. So this challenge is actually me forcing myself to love myself again. As hard as it is, I will fight these inner demons. I'm happy to share this with you and it would be amazing if you joined me too :) just tag me @azaniaforest if you want ❤❤ If you're reading this you deserve all the good things in life, may peace reign over your heart and may your joy be found in God. Bless x

P.s. I've put pictures of day 1 and day 2 of the challenge ❤ hope you enjoy. 
Day 1 Photographer: Kabelo Nhlapho

DAY 2 Photographer: Bruny Dusabe