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I've been obsessing over Drake's song, Hotline Bling. I really love the colours and the aesthetics of the music video, so I did an inspired shoot. I'm basically wearing the colours that the girls in the beginning of the video are wearing; pastel pink and pastel blue. There's something quite capturing about pastel colours, maybe it is their powdery feel haha, I don't know.

I added an earthy feel to the whole shoot, feast yerr uyzz mate!

A. F.

Photo Credit: Palesa Maretlane

Impromptu Shoot

My friend, Nhlanhla (Remember him from the Township Shoot?) and I did an impromptu shoot around the township again. The only difference this time is that he was the photographer. He took close-up shots of me, and the lighting was golden!! Literally!!

We walked around the township and found an abandoned building with a sketchy painting of a teenage boy raising his fist up, it has a Soweto Uprising feel to it. If you do not know about the Soweto Uprising in 1976, please google it, it plays a great role in South African history and still is relevant today.

I enjoy portraying the lighter sides of the township because what people think internationally is that it is a gloomy place. To me it represents home. These pictures give me a nostalgic feeling. Hope you enjoyed!


Photo cred: Nhlanhla Vilakazi

K O S M I C R O S E x T U M B L R

Wassup fam!! My good friend Nicola and I started a Tumblr blog where we will be sharing our collaboration shoots with brands. I'm so excited! Our first series is Coke x Sprite | Tie Dye. Although the sun was scorching we had fun shooting. Please check out our blog:


EnWraptured Shoot

Hey there, it's been a minute since I've posted. I've been so occupied trying to fix my school stuff, however, I also did an awesome photo shoot for an upcoming company called EnWraptured. They sell amazing head wraps, their fabrics beautiful and colourful because of the African prints.

Tshanga, a friend of mine got models and styled them while I art directed the shoot and did the Frida Kahlo inspired look on one of the models. We had the shoot in Johannesburg at the Constitution Hill. I've never done any professional work before this, so this is my first professional body of work in my photography journey.

Model: Coco

I worked with 5 models, which was great because of the variety. They were all so sweet and all so different. However, what I'm learning is that photography is not an easy thing, all the editing takes hours. Finding the perfect light is also a challenge. Light is so crucial, it sort of determines the quality of your pictures.

Model: Ekemi
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