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Simple Pieces

It's 1:48 AM in South Africa  (wrote that because most of my blog readers are from Canada, at least that's what Blogger says). It's not that I've run out of sleep; the situation is that the wifi here at home is capped I finished the data, however, it works from 1 to 6 AM (this is the "free" data we get). It's just complicated lol, but I thought I should post these pictures today, they were taken by my friend Palesa Maretlane.

I really like the yellow parka jacket I got from Macy's. Simple pieces make a statement most times. I'm learning to feel confident in clothing that is not deemed as "glamorous". A minimalist approach  (with a pop of colour) looks good on any summer's day. There's beauty in almost anything. From just a plain white tee to a sequin dress. This is a sports-luxe inspired outfit, if I had money I would probably have three stripes everywhere lol (because Adidas is so cool and I literally die for their track-suits).…

Fashion Shoot #OOTD

So I did a fashion photo-shoot with my friend Palesa Maretlane, she is currently my muse. We were on the rooftop of a building in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, and the lighting was just the right amount of perfect. We took pictures of each other and a friend of ours photographed us as well. I intend to make photography more than a hobby, I want it to be a part of my daily life in fashion. My friend, Palesa, and I don't spend much on clothes, we usually thrift or buy at affordable shops which makes the looks we create accessible for anyone who wants the look.

My Look Shirt: Mr. Price Culottes: Mr. Price Shoes: Cotton On

I forgot to ask her where she bought her clothes (sorry!!), but she says she told me she got most of her clothes from thrift shops. Thrift shops are goldmines haha!

My light blue Suit-dress: Calvin Klein ( I got it at a sale at Ross *wink*) Palesa's Suit-dress: Thrift shop find


Photo credit: Palesa Maretlane, Nina Nkiwane, Azania Forest
Styling: Azania Forest, Palesa…

Azania Forest Tumblr

I'm really enjoying photography, please do check out my tumblr blog:

Township x South Africa

So I've started building my photography profile by having shoots with my friends. Yesterday I had a shoot with a good friend of mine Nhlanhla. The photo-shoot happened in my township, Kwa-Thema. The background of the pictures have elements of how a typical township in South Africa is like. There is the 'Apollo', a street light that is sky high and in abundance in the township. Building ruins and dump spots (where rubbish is piled up) are many as well.

The township has it's upper-class areas, however, it is a result of the former apartheid system in South Africa. Things have gotten better since the apartheid days though, more opportunities for people of colour to further themselves  have been opened. Although many black people have moved to suburbs, many of them are still in the township. What gives me hope is that people are making efforts to improve the township and there are significant changes, however, poverty is still high. I am proud to be South African and I lon…