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Fashion Friday

I wore a shirt and Jeans in two different ways. I'm trying a minimalistic approach to life in general and I am expressing it through clothing.

The first look is a buttoned up shirt and sneakers. I am wearing an African print turban and sunglasses. This look is more closed up for when there's wind.

The second look is the same shirt but more relaxed. On a sunny day a buttoned up shirt can get you quite sweaty. I wore open shoes as well as a cap. You can never go wrong with minimalistic colours.
Xoxo Azania F.

Photo credit: mother T-shirt: Mr. Price Shirt: Mr. Price Blue jeans: Cotton On Sneakers: Nike Air Haurache African Print Turban: Thrift find Sandals: Turtles (brand)


I was inspired by a picture I found in an old Vogue magazine (picture below).

I've never been a fan of the colour pink, in fact, I love blue. This year I found myself using bright colours in my art works (mostly red), I've opened myself to seeing beauty in other colours. Today I created Pinki (title), my art directed work, photographed by Jabulani Twala. I worked with a pastel pink colour palette and somehow the colour brightened my mood. Feast your eyes mates.

Azania Forest


I was inspired by Izikhothane in the townships of our country. Before you judge me, no I'm not glorifying a culture of wasting money, and bragging. There's is, however, a cool esque to how these guys. The way they dance, walk and talk. Besides their wastefulness this is a subculture that is fascinating. I am personally intrigued by their style and their use of colour. I somehow toned it down though, mixing a minimalistic aesthetic with their colourful style. Muracchini is the brand of the t-shirts they buy. What I gather from the energy of isikhothane is self belief and I hope you will feed from that in my ISIKHOTHANE series.

Photo credit: Jabulani Twala Art Direction: Azania Forest Styling: Azania Forest

Gauteng Maboneng

Today I was in Johannesburg for a job interview, I went early, and after the interview I walked around. The city is very inspiring. I walked from Auckland Park to Park Station (long distance huh?), but it was worth it. The interview was in Auckland Park, so straight after it I walked to Braamfontein to grab a quick drink. Little did I know that I would end up in Mr.Big Stuff restaurant eating ice cream and waffles. Boy oh boy did I enjoy the dessert, I'm not even guilty about it regarding to the fact that I should be on a diet (lol).

What I realised is that everyone in the city is trying to make it. I was inspired by the drive and motivation of the people I met when I got to Park Station. I just bought a T-shirt at Park Station before I took a taxi home. Although the crime rate in the city is high, it's still vibrant. Johannesburg is a cultural city, the items sold by vendors show that inspiration and creativity is the air that the city breathes. With less than R200 one could …