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Yesterday I was in my township, Kwa-Thema in Gauteng doing a shoot with my good friend Nhlanhla Vilakazi. The township is a very beautiful place, beautiful because of its culture. Although the majority of poverty stricken individuals live in the townships of South Africa, there are many people who are doing well and making their lives better. It is not all gloom and poverty as the world thinks. If you search for Soweto on Google all you see are poor people, but in the actual essence that's not completely true. Many people enjoy living in townships. Often, its beauty is underestimated because of the poverty mask that people put on. All one needs is to open their eyes.

Art Direction

So I was in San Antonio this past week. The city is so beautiful!! It was summer. I'm home now, South Africa, it's so cold, the weather change definitely had an impact on me I'm dehydrated. I'm getting into art direction and it's so fun, I've been inspired by many other South African bloggers and will be posting more of my art direction pictures. It's difficult to get exposure, but nothing has ever outshined good old hard work. I hope you will stay with me through this blogging journey.

Peace and love.

Red July

I'm in USA, so much fun!! It's summer here and I'm so inspired by the colour red, mainly because it's vibrant and makes me feel confident. From July onwards, I have dedicated a colour to each month and for July it is red. I went to L.A. where I took a picture of the Coca Cola products and Marilyn Monroe. I'm in San Antonio right now, it's very hot, but I'm enjoying the place nonetheless. I hope to share a piece of myself with everyone.